PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — More information is coming out about a fatal shooting at a local club.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala says the Trappers Club is closed for now, but 20-year-old Donte Hawkins wasn’t killed in a random shooting.

Whoever shot him knew who they were looking for and why.

“As to Mr. Hawkins, the motive for his shooting is in connection with a crime that he’s believed to have committed in the borough of Braddock,” Zappala said.

A second man who was shot that night, Asa Thompkins, 22, has been shot eight times before.

The Trappers Club was closed back in 2006 when it was The Travelers Club, then reopened under a new name in 2009.

“My concern and what I communicated to the lawyer for the club is fairly recently we have assaults, now we got aggravated assaults and we got people shooting up vehicles, now I got homicides,” Zappala said.

Authorities aren’t yet revealing details about a motive in the latest shooting, but what happened could impact the future of the Trappers Club directly – or not.

“We’ve done everything that we normally ask a responsible tavern and bar owner to do,” Zappala said.

The DA says the Trappers Club has 32 surveillance cameras and at times has up to 26 security guards, including off-duty police officers who carry guns.

In the meantime, they’ll do a financial audit of the club and they’re looking for community input before they determine if the Trappers Club is a nuisance bar.

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