NORTH BUFFALO TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A wanted man was on the run in Armstrong County.

Local police, state troopers, K-9 units and a helicopter were all trying to track down 30-year-old Eric Graham.

Authorities caught up with him barefoot in the woods of Armstrong County. Graham spoke to KDKA-TV after his arrest at the North Buffalo Township Police Station.

Graham had been on the run since Tuesday morning. He is accused in several burglaries and thefts.

He was first confronted by Ford City Police at a residence.

“I jumped out of the window and everything was good and I was running,” Graham said. “I run right out of my Crocs and it was a bad situation from there.”

“As you can see, I ran seven hours on my bare feet so, but, I’m just glad it’s over right now,” he continued.

Kym Gable: “Why’d you run in the first place?”

Graham: “I got a lot of warrants and I don’t want to go to jail.”

A Good Samaritan eventually joined the pursuit.

“We were chasing him and people told him that owner of a business that we were after somebody and he got between us and attempted to run and he was tackled by one of the residents,” North Buffalo Police Chief Jason Hufhand said.

He was arraigned at the magistrate’s office in Kittanning Tuesday night. He’s behind bars on $100,000 bond.

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