PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A protection from abuse order against a Pittsburgh police commander has been dismissed.

The judge in the case said today that the claims made against Commander RaShall Brackney had no validity to them. After making that statement, the judge promptly dismissed the case.

“We are just so thankful for my attorney, Tina Miller and they will update you on all further media releases and further communications,” said Brackney.

That is all Brackney had to say after the PFA against her was dismissed in court.

“During the whole course of the case, we maintained that there was no personal relationship, there’s been no sexual relationship, and even on the record a few times, Mr. Lee testified that there was absolutely no sexual relationship,” said Warner Macklin III. “So, just based on that, he can’t even go further with his allegations because he had no standing to even file the PFA.”

The PFA was granted to Andrew Lee, the owner of a cigar store on the North Side. Last week, he claimed to be afraid after his romantic relationship with Brackney ended.

“At this point, I felt physically in danger for my life,” said Lee on back on May 9. “This woman carries a gun.”

Yet, after a hearing – that lasted nearly two hours – Judge Kelly Bigley needed less than five minutes to consider the testimony and dismiss the case.

“It has been established in the court on record that there has never been a scintilla of evidence that there was ever any type of personal relationship, no evidence whatsoever,” said Macklin.

“I am very, very pleased with the judge,” said Darlene Harris, the Pittsburgh City Council president. “I think the judge could see straight through this gentleman. This gentleman has given an awful lot of harm to our neighborhoods on the North Side.”

Brackey’s attorney has already filed a motion claiming Lee’s PFA was “in bad faith.” That could clear the way for her to seek monetary damages against Lee in civil court.

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