CHIPPEWA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — We all know bullying is a big problem.

Most schools have some type of anti-bullying program, but at Blackhawk Intermediate School they aren’t just hanging up signs or talking to the kids in class. They tried something very different and really fun.

After learning about anti-bullying in class, fourth graders changed the lyrics of the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. With the help of their teachers, they transformed the radio hit into a tune with a powerful message.

“We started this about eight months ago and first we listened to a bullying song and then we wanted to do one and we made up the song and then we started to dance,” said fourth grader, Jaden Cumberledge.

“It was an amazing experience for all of us, for all of us to come together and show everybody how much bullying is a problem and how we should stop it,” said fourth grader Riley Arrigo.

The fourth graders were having so much fun, the third and fifth graders decided to join in as well. After practicing the routine almost all school year, they decided to make an anti-bullying movie, featuring the dance and a flash mob.

Tona Reece, a fourth grade teacher, praised, “I’m so proud of the kids, they worked so hard, my classroom did such a great job, they taught all the other kids the dance and the song.”

“The students are really the ones that did the majority of the work for this, so I put hat off to them,” Speech and Language Therapist Pam Adiutori said.

The kids have heard the words of the song over and over and teachers hope the students always keep the lyrics in mind.

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