PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Less than a week after he reported to prison to begin serving a sentence for corruption, former State Rep. Bill DeWeese is once again a free man.

Now, there are new details on why he was released.

Former State Rep. Bill DeWeese walked out of prison Friday night after his attorney went to the state Superior Court with an emergency petition.

KDKA’s Sarah Arbogast reports:

Bill Costopoulos argued DeWeese shouldn’t be locked up before a Lower Court judge’s ruling on whether to grant bail.

The Superior Court ruled quickly in DeWeese’s favor.

“I also was surprised at how quickly the Superior Court acted because I filed the petition [Friday] morning and they gave us a favorable ruling by four o’clock [Friday] afternoon,” Costopoulos said.

Costopoulos says DeWeese is not flight risk or a threat to society.

“There is that possibility that he will win on appeal, and if you win on appeal and you’ve already done half your sentence, what’s that about,” he says.

Listen to Bill Costopoulos’ full interview on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA:

A judge now has seven days to make a decision on the bail issue. If he says no to bail, DeWeese could return to prison until his appeal.

Earlier this evening, DeWeese spoke over the phone with KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano.

He said: “I’m going to respectfully withhold comment until all the bail procedures are final.”

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