By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Mayflies are back again – this time at PNC Park on Pittsburgh’s North Shore.

“They were bothering some people,” Julie Kahlebaugh, of Washington, said. “I saw people freaking out and screaming and swatting them.”

“You could see them in the lights,” added Bryan Thomas. “They were up flying around. We had one that landed – on freaked them out – didn’t know.”

People we talked to said they were worse last night when the announcers even showed one during the game broadcast.

And the Post-Gazette reports that during a concert at Stage AE, singer Colbie Callait was swarmed with mayflies when floodlights were turned on that attract them.

This is hardly the first time mayflies have made the news in our area. Back in 2007 the Kittanning Bridge was shut down because they’re were so many mayflies on it they made the bridge slippery.

The good news is they don’t bite or sting.

Experts say mayflies die in a day and their mission in that day is to mate.

The good news in all of this is a mayfly invasion is a sign that the river is not polluted.

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