PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Former State Sen. Jane Orie was sentenced to two-and-half to 10 years in prison after being convicted in a corruption trial in March.

Orie was found guilty on 14 of 24 counts, including two counts of theft of services, conspiracy and forgery.

“Our issue has always been with the aggressiveness of the prosecution and it has been over the top,” William Costopoulos, Orie’s defense attorney, said.

Last week, Orie resigned her seat and had served as an elected official from the North Hills since 1996.

After Judge Jeffrey Manning issued the sentence, Orie was taken directly into custody.

During his statement to Orie, Manning said one of the most solemn oaths she took was that of an attorney at law.

“You took that oath and by the judgment of a jury of your peers you violated that oath, an oath requiring you to pledge that you would use no falsehood,” Manning said.

He also said that forgery and tampering with evidence introduced by Orie in a judicial proceeding cannot be a more flagrant and disgraceful violation of that oath.

The defense says it will fight the conviction and the restitution claims by the prosecution which declined comment Monday.

“Politics have been her entire life,” Costopoulos said. “She’s been disbarred. She automatically lost her pension and her reputation was damaged pretty much the day she was indicted.”


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