BELLEFONTE (KDKA) – A total of 16 jurors have been selected for the child sex abuse trial for Jerry Sandusky.

When defense attorney Joe Amendola arrived at the courthouse Wednesday morning with Sandusky, he was asked about the jury selection process so far.

“We think they’ll give us a fair shake,” Amendola said.

Of the 40 potential jurors up for review this morning:

  • 12 were excused
  • One personally knew Sandusky
  • Zero knew Dottie Sandusky, his wife,
  • 15 knew someone on the prosecution witness list
  • 20 knew someone on the defense witness list
  • 19 have contributed or volunteered at Penn State
  • 8 have volunteered at the Second Mile
  • 18 have jobs that require them to be mandatory reporters of child abuse (teachers, law enforcement, etc.)
  • 32 of the 40 have children

One woman who was dismissed believes she was not selected because her family has done work for the Second Mile charity.

“It was probably a month ago that I received it and my husband had said it came in the mail and I’m like, ‘No way, I didn’t get selected.’ As soon as I looked at it, I just kind of had a feeling it was going to be for this trial,” Alissa Milanese said.

On Tuesday, five men and four women were selected for the jury.

Judge John Cleland expects the trial to begin on Monday and last until the end of June.

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