PITTSBURGH (CBS) — If you’re looking to simplify your mobile life, Verizon may have the answer.

The phone carrier has announced a single plan that covers multiple devices.

Verizon is rolling out the “Share Everything” plan on June 28, and doing away with its tiered voice and texting plans.

Jessica Dolcourt, at CNET, says it’s the plan the tech world has been waiting for.

“It’s just sort of a logical evolution,” says Dolcourt. “You have these family plans with pooled minutes, so it makes sense to have pooled data.”

This is what a bill might look like for a family with two smartphones and a tablet.

Each phone has a monthly usage fee of $40 a month. The tablet is $10 a month. The family uses a total of four gigabytes a month, a data fee of $70.

Add it all together and their bill would be $160 minus taxes and fees.

“The data plan included unlimited texting and unlimited calls,” Dolcourt said.

But it’s not for everyone.

“If you are an individual and you have one device, it’s going to be a lot more, especially if you didn’t use a lot of minutes,” she added.

This service will benefit people who have a lot of devices, like smartphones, iPads and other gadgets. But if you have only one device, it could cost you more.

The cheapest smartphone plan will increase from $70 to $90.

Customers can stay on their existing plans. Verizon Wireless is not making it mandatory for customers to switch to the Share Everything plan, even when upgrading their device.

AT&T says it’ll launch a similar plan in the near future.

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