By Dave Crawley

WEST VIEW (KDKA) — This Islay’s in West View is one of the last.

Gail Weisbecker has served up dishes cooked by husband Tom for 32 years. It’s a prime stop for connoisseurs like WQED’s Rick Sebak.

And why not? It’s the very definition of Pittsburgh comfort food.

When word got out that the home of skyscraper cones and chip-chopped ham has been sold – Friday is the couple’s last day – Ramona Polen brought her grandchildren to see what was.

“They’ve never been to an Islay’s, and we grew up in the Munhall Homestead area and we went to Isaly’s every Sunday after church,” she said.

The good news?

“The new owners are going to do the same menu and everything else,” Tom said. “All the pictures will stay on the wall and stuff like that. You won’t notice any difference.”

Due to licensing expenses, the name will change to I Shall Always Love You Sweetheart, an acronym for Isaly’s.

After 32 years Gain and Tom won’t miss the work, but they’ll miss the customers.

“The goofy ones, the idiots, the morons,” Tom said.

Loyal fans keep coming back for more.

“She calls me names,” Richard Rizzo said. “She never brings me the drink that I want.”

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