PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local grand jury will investigate the shooting at Western Psych earlier this year where two people died.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Stephen Zappala met with Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper and the heads of security at local hospitals today.

Zappala thinks new technology could help the hospitals prevent this kind of tragedy in the future.

“If we had eyes in the building, if we had access to camera feeds in the building, you’re in the building as soon as you get the 911 call and that’s a tremendous tactical advantage,” Zappala said.

“We are not the heroes – not the ones who send people in to do battle,” Pittsburgh Police Deputy Chief Paul Donaldson said. “It’s the people who do the actual battle are the heroes. And it’s our responsibility to try to prepare them as well as we can.”

One of the enhancements that could be used virtual blue prints which provide three-dimensional images of floor plans so police know exactly where they’re going.

The DA has a team currently working with police and area hospitals.

“There’s 11 different facilities that have psychiatric units across Allegheny County,” Zappala said.

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