BURGETTSTOWN (KDKA) — There’s a major clean-up going on at a school in Washington County after vandals broke in and trashed the place twice.

School officials say the first break-in at Burgettstown Middle/High School happened Wednesday night. A few offices were messed up.

Then, on Thursday night, school officials say the vandals returned, breaking in through a cafeteria window.

Once inside, they created a mess – smashing out windows, breaking trophy display cases, damaging computer monitors and prying open doors.

There was also damage to a microwave and an oven in the home-economics room. Some of the items are irreplaceable.

“We did have about 60 of our class rings stolen out of a display case in our lobby,” said Superintendent Deborah Jackson, of the Burgettstown School District. “These were rings that we had collected from alumni back as early as 1919.”

The vandals were caught on surveillance video carrying what looks like a crowbar. They were also wearing masks.

The superintendent is pleading with anyone who may know who’s responsible to call police.

She estimates the damage is more than $100,000.

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