INDIANA (KDKA) – Heavy rains and even stronger winds brought down trees and power lines Saturday afternoon in Indiana County.

Thousands were without power after a brief 15-minute storm. Fortunately, there are no reported injuries.

It was just after 5 p.m. when the brief, but powerful storms moved through Indiana.

“We were driving in it and it was wicked. The trees were blowing and I got on my phone and it said it was like 50 mph winds and I said, ‘Oh my God, some trees are going to blow over on us,’” one woman said.

While the trees didn’t blow on them, one did crush Katie Jack’s SUV.

“We were inside and we heard a big crash. We came outside and the tree was through the windshield and we didn’t want to go too close because the power lines were down,” Jack said.

Police blocked off Elm Street as two trees created barriers. A house on Church Street had a tree fall on it, but the residents weren’t home at the time.

Keith Hernandez was home when a tree came crashing down near his house.

“It was so windy back there we couldn’t even hear it,” Hernandez said.

It was the third tree to come down near his house recently. There’s one left and he’s already called the landlord to come take it down.

After the storm, power crews began working to restore electricity in the area.


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