By Ross Guidotti

NORTH PARK (KDKA) – A black bear wandering through North Park made for some tense moments Monday night.

According to officials, a 300-pound black bear was spotted near the pool before making its way near a Cub Scout meeting

The bear then left North Park and made its way toward Alison Park. However, conservation officers tracked the bear and tranquilized it.

“He had ear tags, we had to take a tooth out to age him and he got a tattoo on the inside of his lip. It’s like a bad trip to Vegas. When he woke up this morning, he wasn’t real happy,” Wildlife Conservation Officer Dan Puhala said.

The bear went to sleep in a Pioneer Road yard.

“All of a sudden an officer comes by on a bike screaming, ‘Everybody out of the way. Somebody saw a bear,” Cub Scout leader Ed Especto said.

“I ran and got my iPod for a picture. A bear, a big black bear. It was huge,” Katie Cyphers said.

The bear was transported to Indiana County where it was released. However, there are other bears in the area to be aware of.

“I do think the population is increasing. I think we have bears moving in from Butler County, Armstrong County, Westmoreland County,” Puhala said.


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