BELLEVUE (KDKA) — Hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and steak. If you want to grill them in one local community, you better make sure you’re nowhere near your house or deck.

There’s a grilling ban in Bellevue, and dozens of people were out in protest on Thursday.

“This law is just a joke,” said Clarence Luff, a Bellevue resident. “We are all intelligent people. We know how to grill.”

The new ordinance, which went into effect 10 days ago, prompted some residents to block off a street at the borough building and fire up their grills.

“I think it’s petty,” added Aaryn Hogue, another Bellevue resident. “There are bigger fish to fry in Bellevue.”

Much of the ordinance hasn’t changed.

“They attached a part that says you cannot grill within five feet of any structure, that includes your deck, your house, your fence, anything,” said Bellevue Mayor George Doscher.

KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin got so many calls about the ordinance; he did his live broadcast from the protest.

One resident calls the demonstration an argument between the Democrats who want the ban and the Republicans who don’t.

“I know this is all about who is running council, who is going to control,” said Mark Purcell, of Ross Township.

Everyone here at the Grillathon said the protest is about more than grilling. It’s about their right to do so.

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