MILLVALE (KDKA) — You can see the message on Joseph and Jane Blume’s home on Maryland Avenue in Millvale.

“I want them to fix my home and I want justice for this because my taxes are paid,” Jane Blume said.

“Them” in this case is the borough of Millvale. The Blumes say their problems began after council put up a wall nearly three years ago.

“The mortar came out from my house shaking so bad and like I said that was my cellar window – it’s completely covered, you cannot see a window from outside at all.”

The house built in 1878 couldn’t handle the construction equipment and things started to give. They had to get a new furnace and have their water heater cleaned out which the borough did pay for.

But the Blumes say the bigger issue is how an already narrow space got even tighter.

“That constructor told me that I’m going to need a door over here because nothing can fit through there.”

What’s worse, Jane has health issues and problems walking. The couple is worried that if an ambulance were needed there wouldn’t be enough room.

Polly Grimpe, Millvale council president, says the borough isn’t trying to ignore the Blumes’ issues, but says they haven’t complied with council’s request to get an estimate for what needs to be done.

“They don’t want to hear it,” Blume said. “They want me to go away. Time is running out on the statute of limitations and this is what they want that I can’t do anything about it. Well, I’m not settling for that.”

Grimpe also said that council did send EMS out to the home to make sure everything is safe.

The Blumes say council is not telling the truth.

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