HICKORY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A chain-reaction crash overnight in Lawrence County killed left three cows dead.

The cows were hit along Route 168 near Hartzell Road in Hickory Township.

A man was driving his pickup truck down the road and was surprised by the five cows in middle of the highway.

“This is the first time ever it’s happened. Now, you know, I have hit deer, but it was nothing like this,” Michael Todd Brown said.

Brown won’t soon forget this drive home.

“I was coming up [Route] 168 from the store. I came right over the hill right there and there were five cows standing in the road. I locked the brakes up and three of them got away and two of them didn’t,” Brown said.

However, Brown wasn’t the only vehicle involved.

“This man was standing at the side of the road with a flashlight, and he had hit two cows. She stopped before she got to the cow and I rear-ended her,” Wesley Sub said.

Brown did his best to warn the other drivers, but it was too late.

“I was standing out here and these people right here [were] coming down towards New Castle, and I was trying to stop them and tell them there was a cow lying in the middle of the road. Couldn’t get them stopped right away. She slowed down and the other car hit her and she went up on the cow,” Brown said.

All three cows hit by the vehicles had to be put down. The damage to Brown’s truck was extensive.

“It’s totaled. Just look at it. It’s [not drivable],” Brown said.

None of the three people involved in the crash were injured.


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