PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is reaching out to military veterans.

Gretchen Fieser, of the North Side shelter, says adoption fees for dogs, cats, and rabbits have been waived for those who qualify.

“For people who have been serving in our military to come and adopt a pet,” she says, “when they have been dealing with some very stressful situations – having that pet, having somebody to understand them, to love them unconditionally, is an amazing thing. We want to find matches here.”

Veterans who adopt will get free obedience training for dogs, reduced bills for veterinary care, and store vouchers valued up to a hundred dollars.

The playful antics of feline friends can also be a powerful stress reliever. Vets and pets just seem to work hand in…paw.

“We’ll find the best match for their needs,” Fieser says, as a kitten mews loudly in her arms – signalling that pets for vets is the “cat’s meow.”

For more information, logon to the Western PA Humane Society’s website.

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