ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Just like the Dark Knight, Batmania is rising across the country.

And because parts of “The Dark Knight Rises” were shot locally, Pittsburgh is extra excited about the opening of the film.

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As the Dark Knight rose on Settler’s Ridge, devout followers of the Batman trilogy converged on theaters everywhere Thursday in anticipation of the late night premiere.

At the CineMark in Robinson Township, the line stretched through the cavernous lobby to the dim corridor.

“I love Batman,” said Ryan Babrad, a fan of the films. “I think Christopher Nolan did a great job with the series, and I’m really anxious to see how he finishes it.”

“It’s definitely a big thing for me and I’m hoping it’s a good one,” added Jeff Whalen, another fan of the series.

So many are anxious to not only witness Batman emerge from exile, but also to see the Steel City transformed into Gotham City.

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“We filmed it when it was at Heinz Field, so hopefully we’ll be able to see us as we get blown up,” said Aubrey Crognale, who played one of the extras during filming at Heinz Field.

“We’re not New York or Chicago, but we have a beautiful city and I think it should be represented in film,” added McCall Goughneour, another Batman fan. “And, I love Batman. He’s my favorite super hero.”

“Nighttime, the tunnel, all the scenery – it’s a beautiful town at the end of the day and Batman rocks,” said fan Willie Rodriguez.

And this Pittsburgh premiere had it all from diehard fans of the Caped Crusader to first-time fledglings of the film.

“This is some serious stuff,” said Brianna Conrad, of the many Batman fans who showed up. “I don’t know what I’m in for.”

They are all the heroes that will catapult the Dark Knight to a certain No. 1 at the box office, sending out their own signal that Batman is back.

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