PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –When Kennywood first announced it wanted to sell beer at its park, which requires license approval from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, state Sen. Jim Ferlo sent a letter to the LCB, saying he wanted to intervene in opposition.

“When this was first announced, it seemed that Kennywood was only asking for a beer license in one specific area, but they actually applied for a formal liquor license, which not only provides an opportunity for beer but also for the sale of wine and spirits liquor,” Ferlo told KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano.

Ferlo says alcohol sales – from beer to hard liquor – are inconsistent with a family park.

But he’s dropping objections because Kennywood’s attorney signed an agreement with him, attaching conditions to the park’s sale of alcohol, some of which the park had already said it would implement.

Some of the conditions include:
(1) Only beer will be sold in a beer garden near the lagoon,
(2) No more than two beers per person,
(3) No consumption of beer outside the designated area,
(4) Beer sales cease two hours before closing,
(5) Wine and hard liquor limited to catered events in two groves,
(6) Off-duty police officers will be hired to maintain safety.

“I think we all want to make sure that we insure the safety of children, and we want to make sure that Kennywood is a great theme park with a great fun-filled summer experience,” said Ferlo.

In a statement, Kennywood said it is “grateful to have Senator Ferlo’s support for our license transfer. Final approval is now up to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.”

The LCB says they are now reviewing all the paperwork and could make their decision in the next few weeks.

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