PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There’s a new product that promises to deliver a perfectly chilled drink to you in minutes.

But Does It Really Do That?

We’ve had some really hot days this summer and in that kind of weather, things that keep you cool are very popular.

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak tried out the Frost Boss last week when temperatures were approaching the 100 degree mark at Kennywood.

Despite the heat Robin Wilk and her family were out to enjoy Kennywood Park on Italian Day. Antkowiak spotted them having a little picnic before the parade and they were excited to give the Frost Boss a try!

The original Frost Boss unit is supposed to work with any regular 12 ounce can. The maker claims it will chill your drink to 38 degrees in two minutes. It would take four hours in the fridge to do that and 45 minutes in the freezer.

Set up and instructions are easy and the unit runs on three AA batteries, which are not included. Then, you press the can in the holder, insert it into the base, flip the lid, add a cup of ice and press the button.

The Frost Boss spins the can against the ice which is supposed to causes a thermal transfer and chill the drink fast.

The Frost Boss is made to stop in two minutes, when your drink is ready, which it did.

One concern is with all that spinning, will it spray everywhere when you open it?

The Frost Boss claims it won’t and it did not in this test.

Now for the final test – is the warm can of soda now fresh-from-the-fridge cold?

“Wow, that really tastes like it’s been in the fridge for four to six hours. That’s really cold,” Wilk said. Definite thumbs up.”

The Frost Boss sells for around $30.

It’s available online at FrostBossCooler.com, and is out in some stores now, too.

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