PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Supporters of the Montour Trail will gather in Hendersonville at noon Saturday to officially open two new bridges.

Though construction took less than a year, the Cecil Township projects were 20 years in the making.

“Our first section of trail was completed in 1992, behind us,” says Montour Trail Council President Ned Williams. “And we’ve been waiting to complete these bridges ever since.”

Volunteers teamed up with contractors on the $1.9 million project. The bridges, less than a half mile apart, fill major gaps in the trail from Coraopolis to Clairton.

“Our total main line is 46 miles,” Williams says. “We just have a few gaps in it in South Park and Jefferson Hills Borough. We have 43 of the 46 miles finished.”

The Hendersonville crossing is a welcome sight for weary bikers. Before the bridge was built, bicyclists had to exit onto busy Georgetown Road and then cross over even busier Morganza Road before they could get back onto the trail.

Trail riders like Julie Galati are delighted. “It’s just great, because you don’t have to close your eyes and say a prayer and listen for traffic when you cross the road anymore!”

A building beside the Hendersonville Bridge will be converted into a snack bar and bike rental shop, as more and more people discover the Montour Trail.

“It’ll draw lots of users,” Williams predicts. “There’ll probably be lots of people coming here to visit Cecil Township and central Washington County, because it is a very beautiful area through here.”

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