SPRINGHILL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A pile of rubble is all that’s left of a two story house that caught on fire.

The local post office is right next door.

Witnesses say the fire was so intense, the house collapsed as soon as firefighters hit it with water.

The house on Lake Lynn Road was still smoldering hours later. The man who lived there was trying to burn some papers in his fireplace early Monday morning, but there was no grate and the burning papers blew into his living room and caught the house on fire.

“Flames shooting out the roof of the house – come down – it was pretty much engulfed in flames,” Misty Wolverton said.

The man was not injured, but his car parked outside was also destroyed by flames.

The Lake Lynn Post Office’s restroom was damaged, but the mail room was spared. Authorities say residents will still get their mail on time.

The Lake Lynn post office is closed and all mail has been taken to Point Marion. Neighbors say the post office was scheduled to close later this year.


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