CRANBERRY (KDKA) — For a Powerball winner in Cranberry it was close, but no cigar.

However, it was worth a cool million.

The lucky Powerball ticket was sold at the Cranberry Shop ‘n Save on Freedom Road last Friday.

“There’s been such a buzz in the air,” says store manager John Barley. “Everybody’s wondering if they know the person or, ‘Could it be me?’ Everybody’s running home checking their tickets.”

It was a second-tier winner. The ticket matched all five white numbered balls, but missed the red Powerball No. 13.

“I believe they had a shot at $158 million,” says Barley.

The millionaire’s identity remains a mystery. Either they’re getting their ducks in a row or just don’t realize they won.

“We had one girl throw her purse out on the counter checking her tickets out saying it might be me.”

Chelsea Schlifer was working the lottery machine Friday.

“I’m very curious to see who it was,” she said. “Was it a regular customer?”

The Sorbara family which owns the store will get a $5,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

And this Shop ‘n Save sold another winner for $10,000 in May.

In just under a decade, some folk in Cranberry have taken home tens of millions of dollars in Powerball loot.

If you’re the latest winner, sign the back of that ticket and stake your claim.

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