INDIANA TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A woman who lost control of her car, drove into a building, over a hillside and ended up in a creek has died.

Donna Greygor, of Gibsonia, 53, passed away after the accident happened along Route 910 near Cedar Run Road.

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It started out as just another work day at Farm & Garden on Route 910.

“My boss and I were sitting in the office, and we kind of heard a car rumbling down the hill, hitting the guardrail,” said Tim Frank, the business manager at the nursery. “We both looked at each other, had an inclination as to what it was, and I took cover behind my desk. He kind of ducked down under his desk as well.”

“It sounded like it was squealing or screeching,” Lauren Cohen, an employee at the business, added. “You could hear it hitting things, and you could hear each major impact, and then you could hear the barn blow out, almost like a bomb.”

Greygor lost control while driving down the road, sending her straight through the nursery’s office and beyond.

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“I found the car in our stream out front,” said Rob Kruljac, the owner of Farm & Garden. “The woman was unconscious when I got to her. I turned off her car and just stayed with her until paramedics arrived.”

The Farm & Garden nursery is located fairly close to Route 910.

Employees say they’ve wondered if something like this might happen one day.

“We often talked about someone losing control; someone coming down when it’s snow-covered and losing control and going into the corner of the office,” said Frank. “Today, it came into fruition here.”

The owner of the nursery says when the Turnpike expansion project reaches that part of 910 he will put in a request to have the guardrail along the road extended as a safety precaution.

An autopsy will be performed Friday.

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