PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Governor Corbett boarded a vintage car and was first to cross the impressive Mon River Bridge linking Washington and Fayette counties and two major sections of the Mon-Fayette Expressway.

“This bridge is carrying us into the future,” he said. “It is connecting more than just two counties. It is connecting a nation.”

But teachers who showed up at the event questioned construction spending when cuts are being made elsewhere.

“Larger class sizes, teachers layoffs, programs being cut,” said one protestor.

“That’s much more important than a stretch of highway,” added another.

In fact, $2.5 billion have already been spent on the Mon-Fayette and there’s currently no funding for the final link to Pittsburgh – perhaps the most important link.

If you take a drive down the existing toll road, you won’t have much company.

And Sheehan: “Do you it’s been worth $2.5 billion?”

“I can’t put a number on the worth on it right now,” Corbett said. “I think this is something you have to take a long term look at. You can’t take a look at the short term that we always tend to look at.”

The governor supports the connection to Pittsburgh and the proposed southern expressway linking the Mon-Fayette to the airport corridor – projects that would add another $2 billion to the tab.

Andy Sheehan: “Well, there’s no money to be had.”

“Right now there’s no money to be had, but I think if we start growing the economy of Pennsylvania that’s certainly going to help,” Corbett said.

This is not a bridge to nowhere. It’s an important link between two counties.

But at $2.5 billion and counting the Mon-Fayette Expressway is far from reaching its potential and may never reach it.

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