PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Sunday rain had been predicted, but even when it arrived, it seemed to come from out of nowhere.

The storm brought lightning, thunder, heavy and fast rains and another round of flash flooding, trapping at least two people in a vehicle in East Carnegie.

“There was actually two people in that pick-up truck there,” Rob Kaczorowski, of Pittsburgh Public Works, said. “They paddled out, got the people out of the pick-up truck; I guess [they] were a little bit panicked.”

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In fact, several roads in and around East Carnegie were hit hard.

“The mulch off this hillside goes in, clogs the basin,” said Kaczorowski. “These basins actually feed into the creek, the creek overflows, the basins overflow, and this is the result of heavy, fast storm waters that came in.”

Route 51 got hit hard too, and it was shut down for hours around Bausman Street.

The weight of the water also brought down the roof of a Shell station on Homeville Road in West Mifflin. No one was hurt, but the station did have to close.

Flash floods do eventually subside; and once the water is gone, the cleanup begins. But it can often take longer than the rain and the flooding itself.

“Guess I’ll have to get it towed home and drain the fluids and stuff; and hopefully put the fluids all back in, and it should be all right,” said Mack Hudson, whose wife was rescued from the vehicle in East Carnegie.

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