PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Car trouble can be a headache, not to mention expensive. So, finding a good mechanic is key.

Looking for a good repair shop before you need it could save you time and swift money.

“Find a mechanic and test them out with small things, oil changes and just basic items, so they can develop a comfort level, and the mechanic can get to know the car,” said Angie Hicks, of Angie’s List.

Most auto repair experts agree, the most expensive areas of your car to repair are the engine and transmission. It may be worth getting a second opinion with these issues if they pop up.

“When you are having auto work done, a second opinion is a great investment,” said Hicks. “It might seem like it will take extra work, but if you are at all concerned about the recommendations, get a second opinion.”

And keeping up with maintenance on your car can help keep it out of the shop.

“The most important item that we would consider is the simplest one too, and that is just getting your oil changed on a regular basis,” says Kevin Beck, a mechanic.

Accodring to Angie’s List, before you get any work done, let the auto repair shop know that you would like to see the old parts after they are replaced. And make sure you read your owner’s manual.

“It’s amazing what it can tell you about your car, and that will also help you be more educated when you take your car into a mechanic,” adds Hicks.

Before you leave the shop, make sure you get a written estimate. After the work is done, request a repair order that details what was fixed.

Also, it’s always a good idea to check and see if the shop you pick is licensed and if the mechanics are certified.

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