PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The defense began its case in the trial of two men accused of shooting Clairton police officer James Kuzak during a home invasion last year.

Marcus Andrejco’s mother, Jamie, testified her son was at home watching Hines Ward on “Dancing with the Stars” at her house the night of the home invasion.

His lawyer, Ralph Karsh, has been pointing to the testimony of an informant who pointed the finger at co-defendant Emilio Rivera.

“He was told by Mr. Rivera that my client had nothing to do with this offense,” he said. “We’re also going to put on evidence that my client was in a place other than 858 Miller on the night in question.”

But both Andrejco and Rivera have been heard by the jury on tape implicating themselves. Their lawyers say they were coerced and Rivera’s lawyer, Paul Gettleman, questioned the motive of the informant.

“We just show this is another example of him just fabricating stuff to get whatever he can out of the government for his cooperation as a professional informant,” he said.

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