UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — An urgent warning from Uniontown police about the popular online marketplace craigslist.

Three times in the last week people who thought they were purchasing electronics came to various locations on the east side of Uniontown to meet the alleged seller.

When they arrived, instead of a friendly transaction, they were approached by three men demanding their cash.

“The victims have been from various counties around Fayette County, but none live in the city of Uniontown,” Uniontown Police Chief Jason Cox said.

The suspects have been armed and in one case even fired a shot at the victim. He wasn’t injured, but the bullet struck his car.

Police say the robberies have all happened overnight.

“I’ve not been aware of very legitimate purposes that occur at two o’clock in the morning, so that is in some instances what the prospective seller in this case is requesting to conduct this transaction sometime in the middle of the night,” Chief Cox said.

Uniontown police are following up on leads and putting all of their resources into this investigation.

“At this point we have numerous officers diligently investigating and following up on leads along with assistance from the Pennsylvania State Police and we hope to bring these individuals to justice as soon as possible,” he said.

For now, the investigation continues and police are urging you to be vigilant when shopping on craigslist and not come to Uniontown to make a purchase.

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