PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Just a few days after Jerry Sandusky was convicted of sex crimes against young boys, a tape surfaced of a police interview of Sandusky’s adopted son who made his own claims of abuse.

That led to a mad scramble among judges and lawyers who were trying to find out how that tape became public.

A just-released hearing transcript shows continued mistrust between prosecutors and defense lawyers after the trial.

“If you were pretending you were asleep and you were touched or rubbed in some way you could just act like you were rolling over in your sleep so you could change positions,” Matt Sandusky said.

Matt Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky’s adoptive son, was talking to investigators as Jerry Sandusky was on trial in June.

And the appearance of his taped interview with investigators on NBC caused a closed-door hearing.

Prosecutor Frank Fina said it had implications beyond just the leak.

“I heard that there have been references made to the fact that Mr. Matt Sandusky testified in front of the grand jury and that his taped statement was inconsistent with his grand jury testimony. The Commonwealth has concerns with that disclosure. In addition, you know, the future use of Mr. Sandusky as a grand jury witness now is problematic.”

Defense attorney Karl Rominger told the judge he was surprised.

“Any references I made again are based upon our representations from Matt himself to his father that he told the grand jury nothing had happened. In fact, I believe Matt Sandusky actually helped us carry boxes for his father in on Monday morning of trial. So that was a complete surprise when he switched sides.”

Then a panel of two judges asked about how the taped statement could have got into the hands of the media. All denied involvement.

Karl Rominger regarding his copy: “It’s been in my hotel room. It’s been in my car. It’s still in my car. That’s where it’s been.”

“I mean, that’s certainly not in our best interest to reveal that. It makes no sense,” said defrense attorney Joe Amendola.

But prosecutor Joe McGettigan then said, “You also have no reason to comment on it, yet Mr. Rominger was making comments on the same interview that the tape was played.”

Rominger countered: “While we’re airing our concerns, I have been asked by several media representatives who claim to have seen emails from Graham Spanier and the handwritten notes between Curley and Schultz which were shown to us. I find it fascinating that these media members can quote specifically out of those materials which are not in the public record.”

In the end, the courts placed more restrictions on Sandusky case related documents while Sandusky himself awaits sentencing.

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