INDIANA (KDKA) — Lewis Beatty told police that his youngest daughter was playing with Barbie dolls after her kindergarten graduation when she mentioned that her mom had been talking to another man.

That’s when Beatty told police he became enraged and his killing spree allegedly began.

Beatty, 40, will stand trial for the murders of his wife, 33-year-old Christine Beatty and daughters, 11-year-old Amanda and 6-year-old Sara.

“The testimony was that he choked each of individuals and then slit their throat,” Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty said.

Beatty told police he killed his daughters inside their home on morrow road in South Mahoning, before following his wife to a home on Pfeiffer Road in East Mahoning where she met the same fate.

He then allegedly set both houses on fire.

Beatty is also charged with shooting and killing the family’s pet pony, goat and dog. He told police there wouldn’t be anyone left to care for the animals.

District Attorney Patrick Dougherty plans to decide in the next few weeks whether he will seek the death penalty.

“Death penalty cases are long, they’re cost intensive. I want to make sure that the victims’ family is on board for everything included in a death penalty case,” he said.

Christine Beatty’s father was in court today. He paid close attention to the testimony of investigators as other family members sat around him in tears.

The district attorney says every day is a struggle for the family as they deal with one of the most horrific tragedies Indiana County has seen.

“I don’t think of any that are much more horrific when you have loss of two children,” Dougherty said.

Lewis Beatty is charged with multiple counts of homicide, arson and cruelty to animals. He’s in jail without bond.

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