PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Steeler first preseason game is now in the books and the learning curve rolls on.

Not the learning curve for the guys in black and gold, this is the learning curve for fans trying to get to the game.

Throughout the summer the Port Authority has been getting tested on its North Shore “T” service for major events.

After a less than stellar start with a frustrated Pirates crowd, there has been a steady stream of changes all aimed towards being ready to handle the biggest demand – a Steelers crowd.

Sunday came preseason test No. 1.

“We experienced really no major issues throughout the day coming to the game or taking people home,” says the Port Authority’s Jim Ritchie.

In fact, Ritchie says they had trains running out of the Allegheny Station after the game every three minutes and actually had to hold some cars until they were carrying enough people.

Pregame was a different story for some fans who waited until the last half hour before kickoff to board the T in the Golden Triangle.

In at least one case, the train was so packed that when it reached a full platform at Gateway Center it never opened its doors. That sent disgruntled would be riders hoofing it to the Heinz Field and missing part of the game.

“If the ‘T’ wasn’t full heading to the game a half hour before the start we’d be concerned, we’d be doing something wrong. It absolutely should be packed at that time.”

The Port Authority believes fans will begin adjusting their rides to Heinz Field to avoid the crowd and get to the games on time.

At the same time, the schedules are being evaluated and if there are adjustments that can be made they will do so to minimize any inconvenience to the fans.

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