PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Nicholas Marini got a call from his girlfriend over the weekend. Her car broke down across town and he picked her up.

It was 1 a.m. before the tow truck brought her Jeep Cherokee outside a repair shop near his house.

But Sunday morning, taking her to work, he and she learned something about the market for car parts. They’d never seen anything like it.

“Tires taken off cars in Beechview, mirrors taken off cars in Beevhview, a whole variety of things, hubcaps, but never a whole door missing off of a car,” Marini said.

Yet that’s what he and his girlfriend found when they saw the SUV the next morning outside the repair shop on the street.

The back window was smashed presumably to get in and the front door was gone.

“We were driving by the car and I noticed wires hanging out of the door of the car and I’m thinking, ‘Well that’s not right. Why are there wires hanging out of the door of the car?’

“And put my window down and I looked a little closer and wouldn’t you know it the driver’s side door was missing from the car.”

Marini says the bolts were on the ground and the wires were left hanging.

“They weren’t ripped off or damaged in any way. They must have had a socket wrench and known what they were doing to get the door perfectly off the car.”

Marini says there’ve been other recent acts of car vandalism in Beechview. A police spokesperson says she’s been made aware of one report.

Still, this was unsettling in Beechview. Some experts think that door can bring $700 to $800 on the chop shop market.

Marini knows his girlfriend is out hundreds more once everything is totaled up.

“My girlfriend goes to Edinboro. She has to get to school on Sunday and right now her car is out of commission and she has no way of getting around.”

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