PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One thing missing from the first two preseason games was the threat of the deep pass and with good reason – Mike Wallace was not in those games.

He won’t be there on Saturday night in Buffalo either, but that will change next week and his teammates could not be happier.

“It definitely feels good just to hear that buzz he’s coming back this weekend,” Emmanuel Sanders said. “You know, Mike helps us out in the group with his speed, you know, with his personality. He brings a lot to the table for this team.”

He certainly helps the other wide outs. Wallace commands attention from two defenders which is bound to create one-on-one coverage for other players like Antonio Brown or Heath Miller.

And don’t forget about the running backs. They stand to benefit from the return of No. 17 as well.

“We have a great group already and then with one more person who’s a Pro Bowler who with his speed that he brings to the game just adds to a whole dimension to it,” Jonathan Dwyer said.

But, for the unproven guys looking just to land a spot on the roster, this game on Saturday could be the final audition.

“Just stay consistent, stay hungry,” David Gilreath said. “Obviously, Mike Wallace is going to be there and just when you’re opportunities are out there, you got to make them now.”

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