PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There are all sorts of cell phone apps specifically for people here in Pittsburgh, but one is getting a lot of attention.

More and more people are using an app called Instagram to decorate and post pictures online.

Now, there’s a spinoff of that app that is just for Pittsburghers called Yinztagram. It lets you add your favorite Pittsburgh icons to your favorite photos.

“You can add things like a Primanti’s sandwich, or the bridge, the Green Belt sign, the Incline, that sort of thing,” Matthew Pegula said.

Pegula,  a local software engineer, created the app after getting a text message from his friend.

“It went from me sending Matthew a message asking if he can make an app to maybe a day later Matthew sending me a picture of his wife, Holly with Rick Sebak,” Drew Von Arx said.

A brainstorming session during happy hour, followed by hours of work resulted in what has become a free and popular app.

“It really snowballed quickly and it’s really cool to see people you don’t know using this application that you made and really enjoying it. So, that’s really great,” Pegula said.

“I thought that maybe our circle of friends would use it and maybe e-mail their families and that would be the end of it,” Von Arx said.

It has spread far beyond friends and family and it will continue to expand.

In fact, sometime this week with Apple’s approval, an update with be available which will feature brand new icons.

“The new ones this week are the Cathedral of Learning, the Zoltan, the Z from the Pirates and a PAT bus,” Pegula said.

Pegula said he is also in talks with Eat’n Park to add the Smiley Cookie.


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