BOGGS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – An alert PennDOT worker stopped to make sure the people inside a burning home got out safely.

Brant Cirrincione, of Cabot, Butler County, is an equipment manager for PennDOT in Clarion County.

He forgot his wallet Wednesday morning and turned around to get it. That’s when he says he saw a glimmer of orange out of the corner of his eye.

It was the start of a fire at home along Route 28 in Boggs Township, Armstrong County.

As a neighbor called 911, Cirrincione pounded on the door and other parts of the home, yelling to see if anyone was inside.

Bryan Yarnal says he was just about to turn the water on in the shower when heard the pounding and then his fiancée yelling. She and their two kids had been sleeping.

Shantelle Harrelson came running out first. She was screaming that her kids were inside, according to Cirrincione, so he ran inside the burning home about 10 feet before he saw Yarnal coming out with the children.

Harrelson and Yarnal say they lost everything, but are so thankful everyone survived.

They believe a dryer started the fire. Yarnal had just put some clothes in before stepping into the shower.

Harrelson believes it was actually the smoke that woke her up, but both she and Yarnal are extremely grateful to Cirrincione for stopping and making sure they got out safely.

Cirrincione shrugs off any mention that he’s a hero. He says he’s just happy he forgot his wallet and was in the right place at the right time to help.

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