PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — With the traditional salute of candidates and their spouses and thousands of balloons descending on the crowded hall, the Republican Party officially launched their fall campaign to retake the White House with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

It was the appearance of 82-year old Clint Eastwood, however, that seemed to create a lot of buzz when he engaged in a rambling ad lib conversation with an empty chair supposedly occupied by President Obama.

“How do you handle promises you made when you’re running for election? How do you handle it?  I mean what do you say to people?  Do you just, I know, I know,” Eastwood addressed an empty chair.

“I thought it was a little awkward — talking to a chair — and expecting it to answer your questions,” said Ben Clements of Mt. Lebanon.

Eastwood’s performance was panned by some folks who saw it.

“It was a little weird.  He was talking to an empty chair.  I wasn’t sure how to take it,” noted Joe Buckel of York.

“I think it takes it away from the issues that are facing the country, and that’s why I’m not sure it was a good thing to do,” added Mary Butler-Everson of Peters.

“What do you mean shut up?” Eastwood went on, pretending to hear Obama.

Some liked the entertainment.

“I thoroughly enjoyed him.  I like Clint Eastwood.  We’re sort of in the same age group,” said Cecelia Slat of Hampton.

President Obama’s response was a twitter comment — “This Seat’s Taken.”

Despite all of the buzz about Clint Eastwood’s appearance at the Republican National Convention, in the end, it’s not going to matter with respect to this Presidential Election.

What’s more important will be the debates when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney go mano-a- mano without Dirty Harry.

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