ETNA (KDKA) — Police have arrested four people and are looking for two additional suspects in an apparent burglary ring in the Shaler Township and Etna areas.

It was quite a take – watches, rings, cuff links, earrings and a lot more, but officers in Etna and Shaler came upon the loot while investigating another case.

On Tuesday, police served arrest warrants for several people at a home in Etna where illegal drugs and paraphernalia were also reportedly found.

Then, investigators say they found that one of the suspects was in possession of a truck that had allegedly been stolen in Shaler.

“It all started when we started getting a bunch of complaints that there were people in the area that seemed to be casing places and stuff like that,” said Chief William Grover, of the Etna Police Department. “There are a total of six suspects being investigated for burglaries and thefts. The burglaries and thefts began in early July.”

Investigators say there were 11 burglaries and six suspects, including a mother and her two daughters.

“The jewelry on the table was turned in this afternoon at the police station,” said Chief Grover. “An individual came into the police station and said that he found it and thought it might be connected to the burglaries.”

Police say that person lived in the house with the suspects, but was not involved in the burglaries.

Four suspects are in jail. Police say they are looking for two others.

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