MONACA (KDKA) — The president of Penn State University visited the school’s Beaver campus Thursday where he answered questions about the child sex abuse case against Jerry Sandusky and how the university is paying for it.

Rodney Erickson was at Penn State’s Beaver campus to dedicate a new wellness center; but as he tries to move the university forward, there are new plans from some alumni to protest the decision to accept the NCAA sanctions.

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“Most difficult decision that I’ve ever had to make in a 40 year career, but I really believe now is the time to move on,” said Erickson. “We are moving on; we know what we need to do. We’re in the process of going forward to implement recommendations that are found in the Freeh Report.”

Meantime, Jerry Sandusky has told his lawyers he wants to make a statement at his sentencing hearing.

It’s also a hearing during which victims will give their own impact statements.

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Sandusky’s lawyers though have cautioned him about what he might say because it could affect his appeal.

So, in light of the university spending $17 million so far on the Sandusky case, how could that affect students?

“The impact on finances on any of our campuses will not be felt by the students,” said Erickson. “As I’ve said repeatedly, any expenses that are not covered by insurance will be covered by other sources of funding that don’t involve tuition, that don’t involve taxpayer funds.

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