By Andy Sheehan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The victim of a brutal attack on the South Side is talking about the terrifying experience.

“I think that it was coming for someone at some point whether it was me that night in the right situation or someone else,” Colin Albright, the victim, said. “It was coming for someone.”

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A ticking time bomb — that’s what Albright says of the unidentified and still-at-large driver who brutally attacked him.

Just moments after Colin rode in front of the driver at the South Side end of the Hot Metal Bridge, surveillance video shows the suspect following Colin up a flight of city steps.

“He kind of grabbed me from behind, stabbed a few times across the head and back. Repositioned knife to the front, held it for a second and then slit – movie style.”

The wounds are tough to look at — a spiral gash down back of his head, a three inch deep wound in his shoulder and a throat slash that stretches nearly ear to ear.

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He lost half his blood and continued dizziness has consigned him to a wheelchair – the aftermath of an attack as brutal as it is mysterious.

The assailant — described as a clean-shaven, tall and slender white male in his late 20s — descended down the stairs and drove off in a car — possibly police say a silver or charcoal colored sedan — similar to a 2002 Mercury Cougar.

“I think that this was a one in a million case. I think that whatever the situation, I think that there’s kind of an x-factor in this guy’s brain.”

Colin believes that man was filled with pent up rage and he just happened to cross his path.

“I want him to be caught very much because I think he has the aptitude to do it again and I don’t want that bizarre and very rare threat out there,” he said.

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