By Dave Crawley

VALENCIA (KDKA) — Produce from the King Family Farms in Valencia is a staple of local farmers markets. Now, the close-knit family is about to become famous, nationwide.

Television crews have followed the family since May for a new reality show.

The fourth generation family farm is a land of kings.

Tim King and his brother Dan work the chores that seem to never end.

“It’s just instilled into us.  Our parents had us working when we were young and we worked every single day to help our families succeed and survive,” Tim King says.

Nine brothers and a sister keep their farms and farmers markets chugging along.

Cameras have followed the family since May after an article in Edible Allegheny Magazine caught the eye of TV producers.

The show follows the family in a reality setting with a different sort of drama.

“Luckily, they got some rain but with the rain they got a hailstorm which did a lot of damage to the farm.  So it’s been a difficult year for them.  But they’ve persevered through,” says Executive Producer Anthony Uro.

“We slowly got used to it, and you gotta just take it on with a positive mindset.  That’s what my family does best.  And that’s what makes us good farmers,” says farmer Dan King.

The ten-part series, “Farm Kings,” debuts September 27th on the GAC channel.

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