PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Besides curating comic books and comics, Joe Wos, director of Pittsburgh’s Toonseum, also enjoys making maze puzzles- you know, those puzzles where you start with your pencil at the beginning and follow the lines until you come to the end?

Apparently, he really likes making these puzzles, and has devised what will be the largest maze puzzle in the world.

The only problem is, the maze can’t go down in the world record books until someone solves it. Standing at 35 feet by 4 feet, it is a daunting task to solve, and could take up to 20 hours to finish it, and there aren’t any takers as of yet to solve it.

KDKA-AM’s Larry and John talk to Joe Wos about his huge puzzle and how he is getting national recognition for it.