PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police may be closing in on the driver of a car involved in a hit-and-run incident during rush hour Tuesday afternoon in Downtown Pittsburgh.

It was an altercation that sent the alleged victim to the hospital. The incident was witnessed by dozens in the busy downtown area.

The woman told police she was trying to cross the street near Fifth and Penn Avenues when a car almost hit her during rush hour.

The alleged victim says she confronted the female driver through the passenger-side window with an umbrella, causing a confrontation between the two women.

“She took out her umbrella and swung it out at the lady in the car to tell her, ‘hey, watch out,’” said Florence McAdam, a witness. “And the lady actually backed up and threw something at her.”

With the pedestrian’s arm caught in the passenger window, witnesses say the woman behind the wheel tried to get away, dragging the pedestrian along a fence on Fifth Avenue.

“At one point, she just… into the fence and just kept on pushing and driving. The lady was trying to keep up running. She lost her shoes,” added McAdam. “At one point, the lady fell and the only thing that kept her from going under the car was that her arm was rolled up in the window. She really looked like she was trying to kill her.”

KDKA’s Heather Abraham reports police appear to have the identity of the driver, but have not spoken with her.

They are attempting to interview her. Detectives say they need to hear her side of the story before proceeding in the investigation.

Surveillance cameras and witnesses were able to aide in the search for the driver with witnesses even providing a vehicle description and license plate number to police.

None of the injuries to the woman who was dragged are life-threatening.

Pittsburgh police continue to investigate.

Driver Sought In Downtown Hit-And-Run Incident (9/19/12)
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