A local greenhouse abandoned more than 20 years ago is now the site of a preservation project.

For 80 years, the Pittsburgh Cut Flower Company operated a greenhouse on Bakerstown Road in Richland Township. It closed in 1990. Since then, the buildings and property have deteriorated.

“These buildings have been crumbling over that period of time and becoming a publica nuisance with environmental hazards as well,” said Roy Kraynyk, Director of Land Protection for Allegheny Land Trust.

Now, property owners and the Environmental Protection Agency will remove asbestos and reconvert the property into recreational green space and economic redevelopment.

The Allegheny Land Trust hopes to designate 150 acres as permanent green space and make 30 acres available for redevelopment, and they’re looking for donations from the public.

For more information, click here: http://alleghenylandtrust.org/