NORTH CHARLEROI (KDKA) – Feral cats are a nuisance in towns throughout the region and North Charleroi is no exception.

“They’re running wild, they’re destroying people’s property,” Councilman Fred Schwalb said.

The borough recently hired an Animal Control officer to round them up. The problem is they allegedly didn’t alert the residents, who now claim their pet cats are gone.

“They did trap two of my cats and the third one’s missing,” Beverly Deutsch said.

Deutsch believes her cats were captured and killed, even though two of them were spayed and wore collars.

“I’ve cried a lot because I walk out of my house to see where they had a cage. Every day I look out my door and there’s where they had the cage that killed them,” Deutsch said.

Vlad Kash said his neutered cat has been gone for more than two weeks.

These people are united to trying to find out what happened, but said they’re not getting any answers.

“I have repeatedly asked where have you taken these cats? We have the right to know what had happened to them and nobody will release that information to us,” one woman said.

What’s clear is that the Council hired and has now suspended the operations of a man named Patsy Vince, who is the Animal Control officer in Donora.

When KDKA-TV’s Andy Sheehan called Vince, he declined to answer any questions, said to never to call him again and hung up.

Councilman Schwalb was more polite, but was as equally tight-lipped as Vince.

“All the comments and everything will be handled at a public meeting to be held in the near future,” Councilman Schwalb said.

That leaves people like Deutsch to wonder why their cats were taken.

“It hurts. It hurts,” Deutsch said.

So until that meeting happens, just what happened to those missing cats will remain a mystery.


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