PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The remains of seven long missing World War II marines, including John Yeager of New Kensington, will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery Thursday.

Marine Corporal Yeager, as well as six other crew members, died when their Navy bomber went down on a Pacific island near the end of the war.

The marines were found on Espiritu Santa, an island in a remote part of the South Pacific, after a government survey team spent more than a decade excavating the site for bodies, military equipment and wreckage remains.

After a DNA match earlier this year, Yeager’s family held a funeral for him.

His remains were returned to New Kensington earlier this month.

The seven men will receive a full military burial after being declared missing in action for 68 years and will be buried together in one casket, at a single grave site.

More than 73,000 American remains are unaccounted for from WWII.


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