PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Most people know that they’re supposed to tip a waitress, but what about contractors or people doing house repairs?

It’s a question that some homeowners struggle with. Whom should one tip and how much? If they’ve done good work in your home, is tipping typical?

“Unfortunately, there is no hard or fast rule about whether a company won’t accept tips,” Angie Hick, Creator of Angie’s List, said. “Your best bet is to go straight to the boss and ask whether the company allows it. That way you’re not putting the workers in an awkward position.”

According to a nationwide Angie’s List poll, contractors said that receiving food or drink on the job is more common than receiving cash tips.

“We also get letters from clients very often telling us what a good job our guys have done or a group of guys have done,” Contractor Geoff Horen said.

But some people still don’t know how much to give if they do pay a cash tip.

“When tipping with cash, it’s typically less than 20 percent of the job,” Hicks said. “But remember, these jobs are usually more expensive. So it’s not like you tip when going out to dinner.”

If tipping in cash feels uncomfortable, another way to reward good work is with a positive online review.


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