PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police say they’ve found the person who punched a CAPA teacher in an alley in Downtown Pittsburgh.

They’ve arrested a 15-year-old and charged him as a juvenile with simple assault.

Security video shows a teenager blindsiding CAPA English teacher Jim Addlespurger with a punch to the face while walking down Tito Way. He was knocked out and fell to the ground, his head hitting the curb. He was treated for cuts and bruises.

The teenager’s parents turned him after seeing the video.

Police say the teenager is also charged with a probation violation, but won’t reveal what he was on probation for.

They say they got phone calls from people who recognized the teen after the security video aired on the news.  Police called the boy’s parents, and they brought him to the station, according to police.

Police say the other teens in the video will not be charged.

The 15-year-old attends an alternative high school.

Police say he cried and appeared embarrassed. He was taken to Shuman Detention Center.

One man who wants to remain anonymous but who uses the alley all the time, is angry that the teenager is being charged as a juvenile and that the other teens are not being charged at all.

“They should all be charged,” he said. “None of them turned around to help the guy. They just laughed and walked away. They’re just as guilty.”

The 15-year-old charged with the assault is currently in a juvenile detention center.


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