PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The City of Pittsburgh’s new parking meter modernization plan is supposed to make things more convenient for commuters; but for one family living on the South Side, it’s been nothing but frustrating.

You can’t miss the house on Carson Street near 24th Street where 76-year-old widow, Dorothy Bayerlein, has lived almost all her life.

Bayerlein and her family go all out decorating for special occasions like Halloween, but the new high-tech parking meter right outside their home has Bayerlein and her family fired up.

“You have to pay. I don’t mind paying, but my goodness, we’re handicapped,” she says. “I could just about walk, you know, I have a walker and I’m on oxygen and everything.”

Bayerlein’s family says they’ve gone to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority and to the Mayor’s Office about the issue.

“We went downtown, got the runaround down there,” says Stacy Smith, Bayerlein’s niece, “was told to talk to the Mayor’s Office, who she hasn’t heard from.”

Before the new meter was activated, they had a handicapped parking space directly in front of Bayerlein’s house. Now, they have to put coins in the new parking meter every two hours during the day or use a credit card or face a minimum $30 fine.

“All they told us when we was down there was that it was owned commercial and we couldn’t get a permit,” said Frank Dudkiewicz, Bayerlein’s brother.

The new parking meter system was unveiled to the public this summer with lots of fanfare. It was touted as a successful pay-by-plate for on-street parking, but for Bayerlein, it’s become a headache.

“And my family can’t even come down here and visit me because they can’t find a parking spot,” Bayerlein added.

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